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hydraulic single vise

quick and easy adjustment of the clamping range

Klaus Thut

November 6, 2023
2 Min.

hydraulic vise solinos

The company SWG Metallverarbeitung und Montagetechnik GmbH is a specialist for aluminium processing. The company is based in Herborn-Guntersdorf, Germany. The customers are mainly from the automotive, construction, electrical, aviation, sun protection and food industries. Therefore, precision and accuracy in workpiece machining is very important for the company to meet the customers' expectations.

SWG Metallverarbeitung und Montagetechnik GmbH was founded in 1985 and is an owner-managed family business. The company currently has a total of 80 employees and works in 3 shifts in production.

The company SWG Metallverarbeitung und Montagetechnik GmbH produces workpieces in different sizes on a horizontal machining centre type SW-BA 322 Twin Spindle. The requirement for the clamping device was to be able to set the desired clamping range as quickly and easily as possible without major conversion.

On-site customer advice from our sales technician

This vise is characterised by its large clamping range, which can also be pre-set mechanically, and is very insensitive to dirt due to the encapsulated spindle. Furthermore, the single vise has a compact design and a high accuracy.

Based on the advice provided by Marco Sauer, field sales representative of SCHUNK GmbH & Co. KG and Klaus Thut from GRESSEL AG, the company decided on the solinos 100 hydraulic single vise when selecting the clamping device. The clamping force of the solinos single vise is 0-40 kN and the maximum clamping range is 243 mm.

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