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maximum machine utilisation

thanks to pallet handling

Sokha Hem

November 6, 2023
3 Min.

Pallets loaded with centric vises C2.0

In 1965 Erich Grissemann founded the Grissemann locksmith's shop in Kufstein. At that time, he had no idea that his locksmith's shop would develop into a leading company in metalworking. Today, the company is managed in the 2nd generation by his son Hannes Grissemann and offers its customers a wide range of products with different technologies in metal processing.

Florian Thaler, Milling Division Manager, has been working at Grissemann Maschinenbau GmbH in Kufstein for 20 years and is very satisfied with the clamping technology products from GRESSEL AG which the company uses every day.

The company Grissemann has been using grefors machine vises from GRESSEL since 1980. When looking for the right clamping device for a new automation system, the entire market was searched and finally they were very satisfied with the price-performance ratio offered by GRESSEL. Also, the flexibility of the clamping equipment was convincing and is perfect for the needs of Grissemann's everyday production. Thanks to the automation, the company achieves a capacity utilisation of 97 % during the day and can set up the workpieces in parallel with the production time.

Picture left: SC5X - with jaw quick change, for the first 5 sides as well as for the 6th side / Picture right: Florian Thaler Production Manager Grissemann Maschinenbau and Sokha Hem Distribution Engineer GRESSEL AG

The customer's requirements were to machine both the first 5 sides and the 6th side with a 5-axis clamping device. With the zero-point clamping system gredoc NRS on the machine pallets, Grissemann has as little programming effort as necessary and as much flexibility as possible, as the clamping devices can be positioned very simply and quickly always to the same dimensions on the machine pallet.

GRESSEL was able to meet these requirements because our 5-axis clamping device SC5X is suitable for both 5-sided and 6-sided machining or machining of unmachined and finished parts. In addition, the jaws can be changed over in a matter of seconds with the quick-change jaw system.


Since the shortage of skilled workers is noticeable, the company will focus only on automated machines in the future in order to have the highest possible machine running time. This can be further optimised with multi-part machining using various GRESSEL clamping solutions such as multiple vises, pyramids and tombstones, which again results in a significant increase in the spindle running time. Pallet automation is suitable for complex and/or heavy workpieces as well as for small and medium series.

Here you can see the pallet automation at Grissemann Maschinenbau GmbH.

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